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Established in 1998 by the award-winning composer Juan Carlos Ferrer, Tarah stands as a distinguished musical project with a singular objective: crafting original instrumental compositions by seamlessly blending various genres such as Classical, Jazz, Rock, and New Age. Going beyond this captivating fusion, the band incorporates elements and hues drawn from diverse global cultures, including their Latin and Afro-Caribbean roots. The outcome is a multicultural musical journey that mirrors their profound appreciation for diversity and the belief that we are all interconnected in one world.

While Puerto Rico is globally recognized as a melting pot of musical styles, Tarah occupies a unique position in the country as the sole representative in its distinctive class. Despite the island's rich musical history, the band's style remains unparalleled.

Each member of Tarah has nurtured a profound connection with music since their formative years, sharing the unanimous sentiment that there is no greater passion than being on stage, creating music, and eliciting emotions from the audience. Their individual musical backgrounds, ranging from J.S. Bach to Chick Corea, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, U2, Mannheim Steamroller, and Yanni, contribute to a diverse tapestry of inspiration that is intricately woven into their music.

Tarah's discography boasts three albums, and their noteworthy achievements include invitations to serve as opening acts for prominent figures such as Mannheim Steamroller's creator, Chip Davis, and more recently, world-renowned trumpeter Chris Botti. The band has graced prestigious venues in Puerto Rico, including the PR Performing Arts Center, the PR Museum of Art, and the PR Institute of Culture.

The impact of Tarah's music extends beyond the stage, as it has been featured in local TV commercials. Notably, their latest single, "Helping Hand," clinched 2nd place in the Instrumental Music Category at the Film Music Contest 2022 (FMC), a competition that saw the participation of composers from 58 countries.


Yabey Marcano

Drums & Percussion

Jesús Roure

Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Juan Carlos Ferrer

Piano, Keyboards & Programming

Rubén Amador


Charles Figueroa

Bass Guitar

Francisco Guzmán



Huemans stands as a profoundly unique project, conceived with a specific purpose from its inception – to showcase that humanity can harmoniously coexist despite its myriad differences. The term “hue” invokes the idea of colors, much like a painter creating a masterpiece with a diverse palette. In a parallel manner, Tarah extends this analogy to the realm of music through 10 thematic compositions, crafting a canvas of diverse musical colors that incorporates multiple genres and cultural elements from around the world. The outcome serves as a testament to the notion that within diversity lies the potential for unity and beauty.

Voyage marks Tarah’s inaugural album release following a decade-long hiatus. Comprising 13 tracks, this production encapsulates the band’s journey since its inception, eloquently showcasing its initial influences, predominantly rooted in the New Age genre. Notably, “Voyage” secured a position among the top 20 musical productions in Puerto Rico, affirming its commendable standing in the local music scene.

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